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Turbo Function

Bidirectional air flow

12 Internal
fan speed

3D Air Distribution

Wide range air flow

BIO Filter

1. Turbo Function: In the case where the user wants to reach the desired temperature in the shortest possible time, on HKEU XAL units of Monosplit Flexy line Line Inverter DC you can activate the Turbo function, which maximizes the operational capability of the machine.

2. Wide range air flow: The design of the fins of the unit wall HKEU XAL, allows a wide angle of movement, increasing the air volume. The wide-range air flow eliminates 'dead' spots and improves the effect of cooling and heating, ensuring comfort and wellbeing.

3. Bidirectional air flow: This function applied to HKEU XAL, is able to differentiate, depending on whether the operating mode is in the cooling mode or in heating mode, the angle of the air flow.

4. 3D Air Distribution: The vertical and horizontal oscillation of the fins of the HKEU XAL units, allows a wide angle of movement, for a homogenous air diffusion in every point of the room.

5. Bio Filter: Flexy Line DC inverter is equipped with BIO FILTER that is able to retain very small particles of dust in suspension and neutralize bacteria, fungi and microbes.

6. 12 Internal ventilation speed: A special 12 speed Inverter motor is designed for ventilation of the HKEU XAL wall unit.The result is a perception of the climate (both in cold and in warm mode) even more pleasant.

  • 5 capacities: 2.34 ~ 7.03 kW
  • Energy class in cooling and heating: A ++ / A +
  • 3D ventilation with a wide range of air diffusion
  • Double motorized inclination of the fins
  • Bidirectional flow depending on the operating mode
  • 12 internal fan speed (fan with DC Inverter control)
  • Wi-Fi (optional)
  • Weekly timer
UnitHKEU 200 XAL-1HKEU 260 XAL-1HKEU 350 XAL-1HKEU 530 XAL-1HKEU 710 XAL-1
TypeDC Inverter Heat Pump
ControlRemote Control
Nominal Capacity on cooling (T=+35°C)2345 W2638 W3517 W5275 W7034 W
Nominal Absorbed Power on cooling (T=+35°C)558W750 W1088 W1547 W2261 W
Annual Energy Consumption on cooling102 kWh/y128 kWh/y191 kWh/y273 kWh/y377 kWh/y
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Class on coolingA++A++A++A++A++
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Index on cooling (SEER)7,97,46,46,86,5
Nominal Energy Efficiency Coefficient on cooling (EER)4,203,523,233,413,11
Nominal Capacity on heating (T=+7°C)2638 W2931 W3810 W5569 W7327 W
Nominal Absorbed Power on heating (T=+7°C)628 W770 W1025 W1500 W2150 W
Annual Energy Consumption on heating733 kWh/y867 kWh/y945 kWh/y1470 kWh/y1960 kWh/y
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Class on heatingA+A+A+A+A+
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Index on heating (SCOP)4,24,24,04,04,0
Nominal Energy Efficiency Coefficient on heating (COP)4,203,813,723,713,41
Operation Limit in cooling (°C)-15°C ~ 50°C
Operation Limit in heating (°C)-15°C ~ 30°C
Noise Level dB(A)2223242932
RefrigerantR410A (2088)R410A (2088)R410A (2088)R410A (2088)R410A (2088)
Maximum Height Difference (I.U/O.U) (m)102025
Compressor TypeRotary
Compressor ModelASK89D53UEZ (HCNI 200 XA-1)ASN98D22UFZ (HCNI 260 XA-1)ASN98D22UFZ (HCKI 350 XA-1)ASM135D23UFZ (HCKI 530 XA-1)ATF235D22UMT (HCKI 710 XA-1)
Maximum air flow (Indoor) High-Medium-Low (m3/h) 400-300-230420-310-240520-460-270750-500-4201060-830-610
Maximum air flow (Outdoor) (m3/h)18001900200021002700
Dimensions of Indoor Unit (mm) L x W x H 722 x 290 x 187722 x 290 x 187802 x 297 x 189965 x 319 x 2151080 x 335 x 226
Dimensions of Outdoor Unit (mm) L x W x H 770 x 555 x 300770 x 555 x 300800 x 554 x 333800 x 554 x 333845 x 700 x 363
Net Weight of Indoor Unit (kg) 7,47,48,210,713
Net Weight of Outdoor Unit (kg) 25,226,629,337,850,4