Rolling Hills

Albaelettrica from 2010 and onwards is responsible for the electrical installations at Rolling Hills Villas.

Some of the works done for this project are listed as following:

  • Internal network installations of medium voltage;
  • External lighting of road system;
  • Electrical installations and various panels for common spaces;
  • Electrical installations in each of the villas type A and B;

At present, we have completed work with approximately 40 villas (type A and B).

Furthermore, at the request of our customers, we have provided the villas with Home Automation intelligent control systems which make available the control of electrical system and a secure management of different loads. We have delivered more than 10 villas with the implementation of Home Automation.

Currently, we are working simultaneously with more working groups.

Eng. Elton Skrame

  • CLIENT Rolling Hills
  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID Internal network installations of medium voltage, External lighting of road system, Electrical Installations
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