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Power, determination and comfort!

Trilogia 2.0 Poderosa is the bike for true pioneers of sustainable design-oriented mobility: fast, self-confident, sophisticated. It embodies strength, determination, speed and contemporary design in a sublime way.
The new design of wide tread tyres 2,15″ makes Trilogia 2.0 poderosa the ideal companion for fast commuting workers, for athletes looking for fun, and for the explorer of rural landscapes in the outings. In addition to all this, Poderosa ensures a good grip and a great comfort, thanks to the front fork and to the seat, both cushioned. Moreover, the motor 250W and 20,2Nm torque gives an edge over pedalling and also permits to face challenging slopes.

Trilogia 2.0 poderosa is a product Made in Italy.
In fact, it belongs to Made 2.0 line inaugurating the cycle of Wayel electric bicycles, which are planned, designed and built entirely in Italy.

Front motor

Aluminium brushless front motor 250 W with 20,2 Nm torque which gives an edge over pedalling and allows to face slopes up to 10%. No maintenance is required.

Cushioned seat

The good grip of Trilogia 2.0 poderosa is just given by the cushioned seat.

Spanninga lights

Spanninga front & rear lights Spanninga, with LED technology at low energy consumption, independent from the battery.

Suspended fork

The front fork is cushioned to ensure the best comfort to the electric bike.

Motor check on STEM

Motor check, inserted in the STEM, allows a simplified wiring for the benefit of the electric bicycle’s appearance.

Batteries with Samsung cell

Lithium-Ion batteries 36 V, equipped with Samsung Cells. Available in two sizes: 7,8 Ah & 10,4 Ah.


Shaft drive transmission system is innovative, unique, clean and practical. It is an integral part of the electric bike and needs no maintenance.

3-speed gear

Shimano Nexus 3-speed gear integrated in the hub, which allows to change gear even at a stationary position.