Design and Advanced Technology

The product for anyone who is looking for an innovative and attractive design. The new opening system for the air intake, the air conditioner monosplit wall V-DESIGN DC inverter, makes the unit particularly suitable for installation in rooms from furniture High-Tech. Technologically, V-DESIGN maintains high standards of air quality and energy savings. The new dedicated APP allows you to have all the handy features, making V-DESIGN the new frontier for the residential and light commercial air-conditioning. AVAILABLE IN THREE DIFFERENT COLORS!

1. Turbo Function: allows to reach very fast the desired temperature
2. Auto Brightness: when the room light is off, the display goes dark slowly after 5s, the speed of the fan is reduced and the buzzer goes in silent mode. When the room back to light, these functions resume automatically according to the previous settings
3. Timer: you can set the start and the power off time anytime over 24 hours
4. 3D Air Distribution: allows an uniform air distribution in all the room
5. Storing the position of the air louvers: allows the horizontal deflector to maintain the same angle tilt used and stored during the last use of the machine
6. High intensity filters: remove dust and pollen up to 80%


Download the special application for smartphones that allows you to remotely manage and control all the functions on PlayStore!

Turbo Function

Auto Brightness


3D Air Distribution

Storing the position
of the air flow louvers

High intensity filters

1. Exclusive Design

When the air-conditioner V-DESIGN Wall DC Inverter is working, it increases the area of the air inlet at the top, to improve energy efficiency. The design which is fitted to hide the internal mechanism, ensuring elegance and clean in every movement.

2. Lighting Effect

During his activity V-DESIGN Inverter DC boasts two colors well to indicate in what is operating mode: light blue for cooling, orange light for heating.

3. Simple installation and Maintenance

The modular design of V-DESIGN promotes ease in all operations of maintenance, disassembly and cleaning. The drain tube is characterized by flexibility and the possibility of two applications (right and left).

Unit HKEU 262 XAL (G-S) HKEU 352 XAL (G-S) HKEU 532 XAL (G-S) HKEU 712 XAL (G-S)
Type DC Inverter Heat Pump
Control Remote Control
Nominal Capacity on cooling (T=+35°C) 2638 W 3517 W 5275 W 7034 W
Nominal Absorbed Power on cooling (T=+35°C) 712 W 1070 W 1530 W 2337 W
Annual Energy Consumption on cooling 123 kWh/y 178 kWh/y 281 kWh/y 281 kWh/y
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Class on cooling A++ A++ A++ A++
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Index on cooling (SEER) 7,4 6,9 6,6 6,4
Nominal Energy Efficiency Coefficient on cooling (EER) 3,71 3,29 3,45 3,01
Nominal Capacity on heating (T=+7°C) 2950 W 4160 W 5700 W 7327 W
Nominal Absorbed Power on heating (T=+7°C) 760 W 1100 W 1530 W 2130 W
Annual Energy Consumption on heating 785 kWh/y 922 kWh/y 1468 kWh/y 1785 kWh/y
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Class on heating A+ A+ A+ A+
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Index on heating (SCOP) 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,0
Nominal Energy Efficiency Coefficient on heating (COP) 3,88 3,78 3,73 3,44
Operation Limit in cooling (°C) -15°C ~ 50°C
Operation Limit in heating (°C) -20°C ~ 30°C
Noise Level dB(A) 21 22 28 31
Refrigerant R410A (2088) R410A (2088) R410A (2088) R410A (2088)
Maximum Height Difference (I.U/O.U) (m) 10 20 25
Compressor Type Rotary
Compressor Model ASN98D22UFZ (HCNI 260 XA-1) ASN98D22UFZ (HCNI 352 XA) ASM135D23UFZ (HCKI 530 XA-1) ATF235D22UMT (HCNI 712 XA)
Maximum air flow (Indoor) High-Medium-Low (m3/h) 400-300-240 500-350-270 740-620-480 880-680-550
Maximum air flow (Outdoor) (m3/h) 1900 2000 2100 2700
Dimensions of Indoor Unit (mm) L x W x H 897 x 312 x 182 897 x 312 x 182 1004 x 350 x 205 1130 x 368 x 218
Dimensions of Outdoor Unit (mm) L x W x H 770 x 555 x 300 800 x 554 x 333 800 x 554 x 333 845 x 700 x 363
Net Weight of Indoor Unit (kg) 9,5 9,9 13 16,4
Net Weight of Outdoor Unit (kg) 26,6 29,1 37,8 49,2