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Warm in winter and cool in summer: ensures the highest comfort in every season

WARM COIL is the fan coil showing an exclusive and elegant design, that allows to transmit heat both by forced convection and by radiant effect. These features, combined with the very low noise level and compactness (only 13 cm deep), make it a unique terminal of its kind that can be inserted with minimal impact in any environment. The efficient and silent DC fan with permanent magnets allows WARM COIL to heat and cool environments quickly and with maximum comfort.
The control of fan is entrusted to a pulse modulation system PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). This control eliminates vibrations and noise of a typical on/off fan, reduces the consumptions by 30 to 50% and permits a wide range of variation of speed (from 10% to 100%). The radiant effect is due thanks to two micro front fans – also DC Inverter with PWM control – which transmit heat from the heat exchanger to the frontal metal plate.
This mode of heating is comparable to that of traditional radiators with the consequent advantages of silent and absence of air movement. Ideal for buildings in Class A.

Main features

  • 2-pipe fan coil

  • Frontal radiant effect (high static heat efficiency)

  • Ultra silent

  • Ultra compact.

  • Elegant design.

  • Sophisticated system of temperature adjustment: excellent
    thermal comfort in any season

  • Accentuated natural convective effect: minimizes the
    intervention of ventilation

  • Depth remarkably reduced : can be integrated in any type of
    environment for every kind of furniture

  • DC Inverter technology

  • Permanent magnets motors at high efficiency

  • Pulse modulation PWM (Pulse Width Modulation): eliminates
    vibrations and noise, reduces the consumptions from 30 to 50%

  • Wide range of variation of fan speed (10% to 100%)