Pure Italian design

Trilogia 2.0 briosa is the electric bike with modern lines suitable for city riding, offering high comfort and elegance. The innovative hydroformed aluminium frame with rack included, combines design and innovation.
It is available in two colours: mat light blue and mat dove grey, in line with the latest trends of design and fashion. Trilogia 2.0 briosa is completely made in Italy, in a sector where the made in Italy is not absolutely obvious.
But in Trilogia 2.0 briosa there is also the technical side: first of all, the powerful Brushless motor 250W – allowing the bicycle to admirably face whatever route -, then the integrated 3-speed Shimano Nexus gearbox, and finally the hallmark of Wayel house, that is the shaft drive transmission, a “luxury” for an electric bicycle that wants to attack the market.

Trilogia 2.0 briosa is a product Made in Italy.

In fact, it belongs to Made 2.0 line inaugurating the cycle of Wayel electric bicycles, which are planned, designed and built entirely in Italy.

Front motor

Aluminium brushless front motor 250 W with 19 Nm torque, able to face slopes up to 10%. Located on the front wheel, it ensures a perfect grip on the ground.

Coordinated seat

The electric bicycles of Trilogia 2.0 briosa line are equipped with a seat coordinated with the colour of frame.

Spanninga lights

Spanninga front & rear lights Spanninga, with LED technology at low energy consumption, independent from the battery.

3-speed gear

Shimano Nexus 3-speed gear integrated in the hub, which allows to change gear even at a stationary position.


Briosa’s rack is aligned with the riding position. It is possible to place a children seat on the rack, which is realized according to safety regulations concerning kids.

Batteries with Samsung cell

Lithium-Ion batteries 36 V, equipped with Samsung Cells. Available in two sizes: 7,8 Ah & 10,4 Ah.


Shaft drive transmission system is innovative, unique, clean and practical. It is an integral part of the electric bike and needs no maintenance.

Motor check on STEM

Motor check, inserted in the STEM, allows a simplified wiring for the benefit of the electric bicycle’s appearance.