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Hole Dozer™ Holesaws

  • Cutting edge technology for maximum productivity

  • Tooth design

  • Tooth material

  • This high quality holesaw range is the perfect solution for cutting all types of materials: - Steel up to 1000 N/mm² strength - Stainless steel and acid resistant steel - Non-ferrous metals - Cast iron - Aluminium - Wood - Medium density fibreboard (MDF) - Gypsum plasterboard - Sandwich materials - PVC.

  • Back plate design

  • Diagonal slots aid the removal and ejection of the core

  • Applications - High quality manufacturing techniques ensure high rotational precision, therefore these holesaws are suitable for use both in hand and pillar drills

  • Holesaw body - 1.27 mm thick steel holesaw body is rigid to retain its shape but also has built in elasticity