Project description

26 City "is the electric bike designed for travel in a typical street circuit or the outskirts. Equipped with a spirited engine 250 W disengages smoothly in cittadine.Gradevole and agile climbs in the guide thanks to a wide footprint tires - 1.75 "- which provide excellent road holding.

Range: 25 - 40 Km (short battery)

Charging time: 4/5h - 6h (short battery)

Multifunction control unit

Lets you choose from three levels of assistance, check the battery and activate the soft start function that allows you to go without pedaling up to 6 km/h: very useful for the restarts at traffic lights and to conduct his bicycle in areas such exclusive use of pedestrians.

Batteries with lithium technology Polymers

A size of batteries available: Small Plus (220 WH - 36 V). Developed with technology to Lithium Polymer, they are lightweight, removable and can be recharged at any time since no memory effect.


Safety of batteries is guaranteed by UN38.3 tests to which they are subjected.


Front 250 W brushless motor with torque 19 Nm.

Colored chain guard

Colored plastic chain case, available in black.

Pedaling sensor

Pedaling sensor with 12 magnets, for greater responsiveness of the engine to ride.

Integrated roof rack

Steel frame with integrated rack.