Project description

In man model too, E-TOWN interprets the urban feverish everyday life with elegance and comfort. Sensorless motor 250 W, 7-speed Shimano gear, 3 assistance levels can be selected: features for those who want to cope with the traffic easily.

Range: 25 - 40 Km (short battery: 2,4 Kg)

Charging time 100 %: 4h (short battery: 2,4 Kg)

Range: 35 - 50 Km (medium battery: 2,8 Kg)

Charging time 100 %: 5h (medium battery: 2,8 Kg)

Batteries with lithium-ion technology

The batteries are available in 2 capacities: Short (237 WH - 36 V), Medium (317 WH - 36 V). Removable in one move, allow to freely choose the desired autonomy. Lithium Ion batteries are equipped with Sony cells, to guarantee greater quality and safety.

On-board mini computer

Checks battery power and allows you to select the desired level of support: 3 levels of assistance to find the perfect balance between the desired speed and the preferred cadence. Holding down the button 6 km/h you have the ability to conduct electric hand bicycle without effort.


Front engine 250 W, 36 V Brushless with torque 19 Nm.

Pedaling sensor

Integrated pedaling sensor: 20 magnets accommodated in a disc and a sensor that senses the magnetic field generated by them, provide immediate control during the rotation of the pedals.