Project description

E-TOWN is an electric bike by comfortable style and graceful.
The low overpass characterizes the model woman, perfect to move nimbly in the city, which is equipped with sturdy luggage rack on which you can place a child seat.
Also available with 26 "wheels as well as with those 28".

Range: 25 - 40 Km (short battery: 2,4 Kg)

Charging time 100 %: 4h (short battery: 2,4 Kg)

Range: 35 - 50 Km (medium battery: 2,8 Kg)

Charging time 100 %: 5h (medium battery: 2,8 Kg)

Batteries with lithium-ion technology

The batteries are available in 3 power ratings: Short (237 Wh-36 V), Medium (317 WH-36 V). Removable in one move, allow to freely choose the desired autonomy. Lithium Ion batteries are equipped with Sony cells, to guarantee greater quality and safety.

On-board mini computer

Checks battery power and allows you to select the desired level of support: 3 levels of assistance to find the perfect balance between the desired speed and the preferred cadence. Holding down the button 6 km/h you have the ability to conduct electric hand bicycle without effort.


Front engine 250 W, 36 V Brushless with torque 19 Nm.

Pedaling sensor

Integrated pedaling sensor: 20 magnets accommodated in a disc and a sensor that senses the magnetic field generated by them, provide immediate control during the rotation of the pedals.