Project description

EDGE S is the new version of the electric MTB with aggressive style, even more complete. It has a powerful central motor with 90 Nm and the torque sensor that immediately perceives the first sign of a motion, thus creating a perfect symbiosis between the e-bike and your body. Hydraulic brakes, 20-speed synchromesh gear complete this excellent E-MTB.

Range: 70 - 120 Km (long battery: 2,8 Kg)

Charging time 100 %: 6h (long battery: 2,8 Kg)

Batteries with lithium-ion technology

Available in only one power rate: Long (417 WH - 36 V). Developed with technology to Lithium Polymer, they are lightweight, removable and can be recharged at any time since no memory effect.

Multifunction control unit

Lets you choose from five levels of assistance, check the battery and turn on the easy walk feature that allows you to go without pedaling up to 6 km/h: very useful for the restarts at traffic lights and to conduct his bicycle in areas such exclusive use of pedestrians.


250 W brushless front engine with 90 Nm of torque.

Pedaling sensor

Integrated pedaling sensor, to a greater responsiveness of the motor to the pedaling.