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BS 100 LED (New)

Anti-glare micro-structured screen

On the surface it appears to be a simple receptacle, in reality it is the fruit of a project that goes well beyond appearance. The excellent mechanical characteristics are those of a revolutionary product, both in terms of luminosity and multi-functionality of use. The 8500 Im luminous flux is just the first example of the technology enclosed in this device that with Smart Driver technology can be enhanced to become a Smart Lighting optic already partially present in the base products equipped with an Autodimmer system.
In addition, the innovative anti-glare micro-structured screen significantly reduces flare without affecting the luminous flux. The special Parking version has been designed to adapt to underground conditions that demand extensive illumination over a large groundlevel area but with highly reduced height availability.

Technical Specifications

PlusScreen with anti-glare surface finish microstructured
InstallationsCeiling, suspensions
BodyPolycarbonate, RAL 7035
OpticWhite reflective powder coated steel
ScreenMicro-structured finished high transmission polycarbonate 
Power 2x18, 2x36, 2x58, 2x80 W
Light sourceLED
Room temperature-20°+40°C
Temperature4000 K
Energy classA++
Degree of protectionIP65
Dimensions (2x18 W)Length: 671 mm | Width: 170 mm | Height: 95 mm
Dimensions (2x36 W)Length: 1280 mm | Width: 121 mm | Height: 82 mm
Dimensions (2x58 W)Length: 1581 mm | Width: 170 mm | Height: 95 mm
Dimensions (2x80 W)Length: 1581 mm | Width: 121 mm | Height: 82 mm

BS 100 LED Parking (SmartDriver System)

PowerLED PowerLED FluxLuminous efficiency
2x36 W48 W7750 lm106 lm/W

BS 100 LED (SmartDriver System)

PowerLED PowerLED FluxLuminous efficiency
1x18 W9 W1900 lm133 lm/W
2x18 W19 W3300 lm127 lm/W
1x36 W21 W4000 lm135 lm/W
2x36 W42 W7000 lm121 lm/W
1x58 W29 W5000 lm129 lm/W
2x58 W59 W9250 lm117 lm/W
2x80 W68 W8500 lm116 lm/W

BS 100 LED (EcoDriver System)

PowerLED PowerLED FluxLuminous efficiency
2x18 W18 W2900 lm132 lm/W
2x36 W36 W5800 lm132 lm/W
2x58 W47 W7700 lm132 lm/W