Light in architecture: Workshop on how light is one of the most important factors in architecture

On Thursday March 23, 2017, Albaelettrica held a workshop with the Master Students of Architecture at Epoka University; an invitation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sokol Dervishi, Chair of the Department of Architecture at Epoka.

Prepared and presented by Ms. Adela Terpo, the session included also showcases on light design and lighting fixtures. Adela is light designer at Albaelettrica working for more than 7 years in creating unique lighting atmospheres to transform spaces in the benefit of people. Her work at Albaelettrica includes a broad range of projects in the residence, corporate field etc.

Students (the future architects), learned more about the potential and values of Albaelettrica in the market, through a corporate presentation made available by Ms. Genta Druga, the Marketing Manager of the company.

Albaelettrica – Setting the Standards

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