SUV (Shopping Utility Vehicle)

Electric bicycle for shopping in the limited traffic areas

SUV, the latest generation pedal assisted electric bicycle, is thought for you who want to enjoy shopping, entering traffic restricted areas.
Equipped with a very big basket, SUV can carry huge loads without compromising safe riding.
It shows a unique set-up thanks to the ergonomic handlebar, high and large; the very low seat; the down tube, allowing easy getting on and off.

Range: 30 - 45 Km (short battery: 1,9 Kg)

Charging time 100 %: 4h (short battery: 1,9 Kg)

Range: 40 - 60 Km (medium battery: 2,3 Kg)

Charging time 100 %: 5h (medium battery: 2,6 Kg)

Shaft drive

No chain, no oil on hands and clothes, no maintenance.

Lithium Polymer battery

Wayel is the only company in the world that allows you to chose the battery capacity and to decide the range of your electric bike. A custom-cut range with 2 different energy sizes: SHORT and LONG.

Front motor

Brushless 250 W/19 Nm, double wheel ride.


37 litres capacity, allowing to carry up to 6 bottles of water and a full shopping bag.


The down tube set-up allows very easy getting on and off.


Shimano Nexus 3 gear: precise and placed into the rear hub, it helps modulating the ride.


The shape of the handlebar was developed to ride securely and steadily, although the carried weight; thanks to its height, the ride is easy and safe. In addition, the set up height between the saddle and the handlebar helps in riding ergonomically and provides a comfortable posture of the back.


Ergonomic, for the most comfortable and safe riding position.


Low, cushioned and comfortable; two-coloured (brown/black).